Asian Brides

Asian Brides



Asia is an incredible region that combines many traditions and cultures, and of course has many great girls. You can find yourself a mail order bride in any Asian country, including China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Philippines, and many others. There are over 4 billion people leaving in Asia, so it won’t be hard to find the woman of your dream.


There are a lot of talks going of what an average Asian bride actually is. It’s hard to tell for sure, because there are so many different countries with different cultures, and all of them are unique in their own. However, for the most part Asian brides are very generous and obedient. Most of them are incredibly beautiful and spend a lot of time on self-care.


That being said, Asian brides really want the man to be the head of the family. They will listen to every word and do whatever it takes to please him. They are also great at housekeeping and looking after children. None of this doesn’t make them less ambitious, as they strive to become better and work on it every day. However, keep in mind that there are always exceptions, so don’t get too upset if you meet some Asian gold-digger that only wants your money.


Who are Mail Order Brides?


Before moving on any further, let’s talk about who mail order brides are, because it often leaves people confused.


You can often find such expression as “buy a bride” on the internet, but do you actually understand the meaning of it? You can’t buy a person in the 21st century or at least do it legally(and I’m only discussing the legal ways). Every single person is free, and they can do whatever they want. You can’t just pay a certain amount of money and buy a wife that would do everything for you. 


So what does it mean then? You can buy special services to communicate with the bride. That would be the better way to phrase it. You can register on special mail order dating sites and pay money for communicating with the bride, making her gifts, and so on. 


Hopefully it’s clear for you now that mail order brides are the women who are looking for men abroad. By using special marriage agencies they attract a lot more foreign men and increase their chances.


However, it’s not just a beneficial situation for them, but also for you. You can use mail order bride sites to look for a hot Asian bride and do it very easily and effectively. Most of such sites have a great advanced search tool, that lets you search for the girl of any type. They also provide special translation services in case the girl doesn’t speak English well enough. That being said, mail order bride sites are totally worth the money. You will most likely find the love of your love, and that is priceless.

This mail order bride thing has been working for many years, but its popularity has significantly increased recently. It’s a great experience to meet a beautiful woman from a different country who is totally different, but at the same time very interesting as a person. In addition, according to the studies, cross-cultural marriages are by far more successful than the regular ones. If you are truly interested about it and ready to do whatever it takes then go on and find your beautiful Asian bride.


Why do Asian Girls Become Mail Order Brides?


Just like a lot of other brides, Asian women are looking for their love on the internet. However, it is still unclear as to why exactly they become mail order brides. Before naming the real reasons, let’s take a look at some of the myths about it:


  • The only thing they want from you is money. That is absolutely wrong. Yes, money are very important for any person, and Asian brides aren’t different. They know that if the man makes a lot of money then he is pretty successful, and he will be able to feed the family. However, this is not the main reason by far. Besides, it’s not like Asian women are poor and unhappy with their lives. Most of them are very well-educated and can make decent money themselves. Therefore, if you are looking for an Asian bride, don’t think of every attempt to establish some contact as a scam. Most of them aren’t like that, and being too suspicious can easily ruin your relationships;

  • They want to leave Asia and move on to a better country. This is one of the biggest lies I’ve ever heard. Asia might not be the best region in the world( at least some of the countries), but it isn’t too bad either. Besides, Asian brides are crazy about their home and families. They want to stay as close to their parents as possible and care about them;

  • They are weak. This is a misconception as well. Like I have already mentioned Asian brides are well-educated. Most of them have at least one higher education. Their English is also on a decent level, so you should no problems communicating with them. Even if her English is poor for some reason you can be sure that she will do her best to improve it. You won’t even have to ask her. They are also great interlocutors, so you will never get bored together.


Well, enough of the myths already. Let’s take a look at the main reason. It’s pretty simple. All Asian brides want is love and care. They are no different from other women in this case. Finding the right person and building a happy family is their main goal. 


Even though Asian brides are very modern they still feel like family is what every person should dream about.  They feel like having a caring and handsome husband is better than anything else.


If you feel like you fit that description, then you should definitely try finding an Asian lady.


Choosing the Best Country to Look for Your One And Only


It’s not easy to choose the best country to look for an Asian bride, because there are just too many of them and the pretty girls can be met practically anywhere.


First, let’s say a few phrases about each part of Asia. There are 3 parts in total: East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia


  1. East Asia. I’m not going to list all of the countries, because it’s pretty useless and going to take a lot of time. The 2 best countries to look for mail order brides in East part of Asia are Japan and China. Both of these countries have a lot of sexy Asian women who will gladly date foreign men;

  2. South Asia. The 2 main countries here are Bangladesh and Bhutan. Even though they don’t have such wide of a choice comparing to 2 other parts, these countries are still worth giving a shot if you are looking for exotic experience;

  3. Southeast Asia. Thailand and Philippines are 2 great countries that are located in Southeast Asia. There are not just a lot of pretty women who are looking for serious relationships, but also a lot of sexy high-quality prostitutes if you are more interested in sex.


Now let’s take a look at the biggest differences between the two main parts:


  • Eastern Asian brides. They have monolid eyes, a very pale skin(mainly because those areas are pretty cold), as well as high cheekbones. They also tall enough and skinny. All of this makes them practically ideal;

  • Southern Asian women have double eyelids, a tanned skin(it’s obviously a lot hotter there). Some of the Southern Asian women look like Latinas, especially Filipinas. This makes them look even more sexy.


Even though appearance is important it would be pretty foolish to choose a woman just by judging how she looks. Therefore, let’s take a closer at the character traits of Asian brides from the best countries.


  • Japanese girls. They are pretty exceptional, because they barely care about how much money you make. The thing that they value the most in any man is bravery. They want to see brave deeds from you and want to be sure that you can protect them in any situation. They are also very polite and follow all of the orders of their husband. One thing that differs them from most Asian women is that they are very approachable. If you will offer them to move to your country then she will gladly agree and won’t insist on staying in Japan. She will then master your language and make new friends;

  • Filipina women. They are one of the finest women on Earth. They are pretty similar to Latin brides and have sexy hips that attract every foreigner. However, even though they are extremely seductive and love to flirt with men, they are very loyal. Once they get married they never look at other men. Another great thing about Filipina brides is that their English is close to perfection. You will be able to communicate with them freely;

  • Chinese ladies. Despite being very polite, Chinese brides will be honest with you if something bothers them. They will tell you right away if something is wrong, so most of them aren’t shy at all. Like most Asian women they consider the man to be the head of the family, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t go to work;

  • Thai wives. Last but not least are beautiful Thai brides. They are very feminine and sexy. Every Thai girl respects her man and knows how to pleasure him in a number of ways.

What Can You Expect From Your Asian Bride?


I have already said that most Asian brides are extremely beautiful, sexy, and exotic. However, you might want to know why exactly you should date them.


Here is the list of reasons:


  • Family is extremely important to her. This is probably the first thing you should pay attention to if you are looking for serious relationships. Unlike some other women, family really does mean a lot for them, and therefore they take online communication very seriously. If she spends a lot of time chatting and sharing stuff with you then it’s a very good sign;

  • She is smart and wise. Asian brides are not just smart, but they also know how to keep up a conversation. They spend a lot of time on self-development and feel like that’s the most important thing after the family;

  • She will find a way to support you. All of us experience hard times, and when that happens, it’s really important to have a person that could support you nearby. Asian girls are just like that. They know how to support a man and help him out with useful advice. They will also never leave you even if you are experiencing problems with money. In other words, Asian brides are very faithful;

  • Looking like a sexy college student at  40’s is the norm for her. Asian brides spend a lot of time on their self-care, and that is despite having a fantastic beauty from nature. They know how to choose the right makeup and the right dress. They also take great care of their skin, which is one of the reasons why they look so young for a long time;

  • She will do the best for the family. Since family is very important to Asian brides, they will make the best decisions to try not to ruin it. For example, they won’t waste a bunch of money on useless stuff, and will save the money for the family.


Are Asian Mail Order Brides Legit?


Most definitely. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the services offered on the web are legit. There are a great number of scammers who want to use your feelings to steal your money. Therefore, you have to be careful at all times. If the website looks suspicious you better check out all the information you can find about it. Reading the reviews from other people can be just enough. Also, be sure to check out the profiles of the girls you are chatting with. If you want to be safe that she’s a real person visit her profile and check if she has a “verified” badge. This might save you a lot of time, money, and nerves in the future.


Asian Beauty Standards


Light, practically porcelain skin


Since ancient times, light, flawless porcelain skin has been considered beautiful in Asia and served as a sign that its owner belongs to the upper classes. Only the poor people spent a lot of time on the streets and therefore had darker skin. This trend is in force now, and residents of Asian countries (both men and women) spend huge amounts of money on whitening products and carry umbrellas everywhere to hide from the sun.


Asian women would rather die than go outside in the heat without an umbrella. A lot of Asian brides also use ibikes (something between a motorcycle and a moped that can be recharged from electricity), in special protective masks covering the entire face, cardigans, and huge mittens in forty-degree heat to keep their skin away from the sun. Well, as they say, beauty requires sacrifice.


Small face


Asian brides consider beautiful a small, oval face in the shape of the letter V, that is, the face tapering towards the chin. Double chin and round face are obviously not considered beautiful.


The huge popularity of this type of face led to an increase in the number of maxillofacial plastic surgery. In this operation, the bones of the skull and jaw are cut to give the face the desired shape. Asians believe that a narrower face helps them look younger and prettier. There is such a term as kawaii (Japanese) or its Korean counterpart aegyo - which originally appeared in Japan and was used to describe something sweet and charming. This cult has spread to other countries, and now sweet children's faces are gaining more and more popularity and are considered  beautiful even outside of Japan and Korea.


Asian countries are rather densely populated, which creates a high degree of competition within the country. Therefore, it is believed that the external attractiveness increases the chances of getting a better job.  As a result, some Asian girls start doing operations at 16 years old.


Big eyes


Almond-shaped eyes with double eyelids are considered beautiful. This helps them to achieve the effect of a doll. Asian women for the most part have a single eyelid (monolids). Many of them make operations on the eyelids, as it is believed that such operations make the look more open and fresh, and therefore make their owner more attractive.


Curved eyebrows that are familiar to us, in the opinion of Asians, are aging their face, therefore they make their eyebrows not  too thick, not too thin, straight, without a pronounced bend.


Swelling under the eyes


Swelling under the eyes as a trend originated in Korea. At first glance, this looks like bags under the eyes that everyone hated, which hardly anyone even considers beautiful. On the contrary, Aegyo Sal is nothing but a slight swelling under the lower eyelid, which should completely coincide with the skin color. Korean women believe that a slight swelling helps them look younger and emphasizes their eyes.




Asian faces are often considered inexpressive in part because of a flat nose without a pronounced nose bridge. A small and slightly pointed nose is the dream of many girls from Asian countries.


Plastic surgery aims to make the nose more pointed and less flat, somewhat more European.


Long, shiny, straight hair.


Asian women are rarely seen with a short haircut. Long hair has been and remains in vogue to this day. Also, Asian brides spend hours experimenting with hair color, but preference is given to natural shades of chestnut or black colors. Hair coloring in bright colors like pink, blue or green is also gaining popularity now.


Slim body


Asians are obsessed with slimness (the thinner the better) and pay close attention to what they eat. For example, they prefer hot water in small thermoses, herbal teas and infusions.


General insanity in slimming even led to the well-known Internet phenomenon "Belly button challenge", which originally originated in China, and then gained great popularity around the world. Its meaning lies in the fact that you need to touch your navel and waist, with your hand behind your back. The inability to do this showed that a person has a bad figure and is overweight. At the same time, Asian girls would love to have big breasts and appetite ass.




The taller the better is the motto of many Asian girls. However, this standard is not as important as compared to others. Silicone lining in shoes, hidden platforms, short skirts to visually stretch the figure are pretty popular here. However, the growth of men is given much greater importance, as the growth of a boyfriend / husband plays a large role in Asian society and is considered a sign of good health and genes.